Weekly Dinners

Let Chef Renee bring dinner to you! 

Weekly dinners include a free consultation to discuss preferences (such as all-organic) as well as dietary restrictions (dairy, gluten free, etc.)

These prices are just a guide. I will work with you individually to decide price depending on how often a week you order through me, how many people I am cooking for, as well as quality of ingredients you wish to use.

Meal Plan

Option A

Two Dinners & Two Desserts for 4 people (8 Meals)

Option B

Four Dinners & Four Desserts for 4 people (16 Meals)
$ 400 per week.


Party Catering

Whether you are hosting a dinner party for up to 30 guests at your home or planning an annual office party, Chef Renee Ward can provide the food you need to take your event to the next level.

Home Party Catering

I can do anything from sit down, plated courses, to sandwich trays and buffet lines. I specialize in events with 70 guests or less. This is the perfect option for intimate affairs you wish to hold in your own home. Other arrangements can be made for larger events. I can accommodate an array of events ranging from private  luncheons to children’s birthday parties.

Additional Services upon request: Servers and Bartenders

Additional Chefs can be provided depending on each event.

Home Education

In-home chef instruction for people of all skills and ages. 

Most people learn best when being taught with a hands-on approach. Cooking classes are a great way to have fun with friends and family as well as improve your cooking ability. Group classes are available as well and are a fun way of getting friends together for any occasion. (wine and cheese night anyone?)

Classes run between 1 ½ and 2 ½ hours long, depending on menu and the number of people in the class. I will meet with you in person beforehand so we can discuss space and equipment available. 

We can work in any kitchen no matter the size, but please be aware that a smaller kitchen may require us to be creative with space (no flat surface is off limits!)

Class Examples

• Romantic Dinner for two

• French Farmhouse cuisine

• Cheese & charcuterie (France or italY) 

• Pasta Making

• Eggs & Omelets

• Wine & Cheese Pairing (France or Italy) 

• Spanish Cuisine